This is an independent comedy about power that has been broadcasted on SVT (Swedish National Broadcast Company) several times. The film was one of the contestants at North Hollywood Cinefest 2014 and received an honorable mention at the Berlin Film Festival the same year.
Story: The twenty-five year idealist Anton is F.A.D. (First Assistant Director) at the recording of a feature film. The films ten year old lead actress, Klara, has a strong sense of justice and she and Anton becomes friends. Antons position as a leader is being attacked from all directions and he is more and more shattered by the job. Klara sees what happens and is soon forced to use the power she actually has to turn the situation around. 
Written and directed by: Erland Beskow
Actors: David Arnesen, Suzanne Reuter, Morgan Alling, Peter Sjöquist, Eva Funck, Philip Hughes, Henrik Ståhl, Bert-Åke Varg, Nova Waldfogel, Janna Granström, Jessica Gunnarsson and more.