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Scenes from the film Lantisar (Homecoming) by Backa Studios and Närkesbergsfilm. The movie won Best Nordic Feature, Best National Director and Best National Male Actor (Peter Sjöquist) at Västerås Filmfestival 2019. Later it was awarded Best Swedish Feature at Boden International Film Festival

Actors: Peter Sjöquist and Ellen Helinder

BLOCKET Actor: Anders Bagge, Peter Sjöquist and others| A PERFECT LIFE Actors: Johan Pettersson, Peter Sjöquist and others | 02:03 Actors: Jakob Zachariessen Lay and Peter Sjöquist | THE RABBIT HOLE Actors: Eva Funck, Marina Svala Nyström, Katarina Rodopoulos, Asaba Joreas and Peter Sjöquist

The Rabbit Hole

Activity Grant

A Dad’s Working Day Never Ends

Self Tape



The Round

As The Years Go By